To plan and make decisions about something that will be created through the use of


The ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not yet seen, experienced, or created; the ability to form solutions to a problem.


The process of bringing design into reality

Lavin Style

With a keen eye for selecting unique items with visual appeal, Roxana crafts interiors that exude refined elegance with an eclectic twist. Her style mixes the classical principles of design and architecture and combines them with contemporary and vintage furnishings, art, color, and texture - all juxtaposed to create a harmonious layered backdrop for her clients to live in. Everything new and modern is inspired first from its original use and form and then re-imagined. This philosophy informs her classic yet unexpected style. Her unique skill allows her to visualize and transform an ordinary room into something awe-inspiring.

"For me, the true art of an interior design lies in the ability to uncover and incorporate elements of the client's persona into the overall vision that is a soulful reflection of its inhabitants." - Roxana Lavin


The process begins with the observation of the space and understanding the project goals, budget and aesthetic. Having in mind proportion, scale and order; the goal, function, and location of a room or home are all analyzed together for the purpose of flow and balance. Concepts and sketches are then created, with as many as three schemes presented. Once a scheme is selected, a budget is then created so that the creation process can begin.


Roxana Lavin founded Lavin Design in 2004 in San Francisco after having gained experience at a residential and interior design firm well known for their work on historical and luxury residential projects. Many of the homes were designed from conception of the floor plan all the way to selection of custom fixtures with the collaboration of many artisans and specialists. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Interior Architecture from The University of California at Davis.